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What is World Trumpet Mission ?
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World Trumpet Mission (WTM) is an international inter-denominational Christian organization that acts as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and revival around the world. It comes alongside churches, colleges, communities, cities and whole nations to help bring about spiritual awakening, equip the revived, and provoke them into God's destiny. It raises a growing force of missionaries who travel around the world working alongside God’s people to facilitate prayer altars, unity in the Body of Christ, spiritual awakening, mass soul harvest... all resulting in transforming revival.


World Trumpet Mission’s objectives and goals are:


•To be a catalyst for spiritual awakening and revival in all nations.


•To build a global outreach network by establishing a functional mission base in every word zone/region.


•To develop globally applicable systems of training and raising revival carriers and leaders in every zone.


•To establish strategic partnerships for developing and mobilizing resources from every corner of the world,   towards the completion of Christ’s mission before the Day of the Lord comes.


•To use every opportunity to warn all people of the imminent Day of the Lord.


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